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Wednesday, January 05, 2011
..:: Fever ::..

   Exams are over but there will be another exam end of this month.sometimes i do feel like im a student though not a staffBig Smile.since new year nite i had a terrible fever, but thinking of exam i made myself strong to study.my routine >pray-eat-medicine-sleep-study< tht habit remain me of myself when i was 17 yrs old when i was not feeling well but still stubborn to go to school for exam..alhamdulillah im blessed bcoz my mum was beside me nursing me 24/7 and some of my TM friends came to visit me last sunday evening at Tmn Melati.i rarely have fever and this time i suffered for almost 4 days.nevertheless i still keen to upload pics n status on my FBSmile.now my fever is recovering but heavy cough is still thereShockedomg i just want to pass with flying colours for the management training coz there will be few hundreds of salary increament if i succeed and i hope everything will go smoothly..Amin

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Sunday, December 26, 2010
..:: Night ::..

   I discovered that i cant stay alone especially at nite for more than 2 days in my newly moved in room.the first 1 week i requested my mum to stay over and last week one of my close friend was able to accompanied me for 3 nites.i was thinking to look for a new roomate asap but i dont easily trust stranger to stay with me.my housemates they are busy with their things and outside life.this house is so quite and sometimes i wish to just stay with my family back but they are staying out of KL.i love my room now and i dont want to give up.omg pls help me coz im totally stucked ShockedSad

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Saturday, December 18, 2010
..:: Alone ::..

   Loneliness deeply crushing me..my love life is zero.no date to go out with.its not that i have blacklisted/avoid man species in my life but i just dont want to put any hope abt this thing at this time being.no confident i guess..
   As now i enjoy very much every moment in my life with close friends,family,shopping.. dining and hangout at cool places.however, honestly single life a.k.a no special lover is not interesting at all but i'll be sabar until i meet 'the one' again on one miracle fine day..all that are in God's hand n plan..so i'll redha..now i need my 'great friends' around..too bad they are busy with their husband and babies during weekend.i miss u ppl alot...well my work so far alhamdulillah..i have no problem with shift working hours.as long as i work 8 hours a day no matter what time it started, i'll be perfectly fine.on this coming monday there will be another exam if possible pls doa for me ok peeps.gud nite~xoxo

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Saturday, December 11, 2010
..:: Move In ::..

  I've been so busy with training and exams started early of this month and that showed how silent this blog is since then.nowadays i just use my hp to surf net.sometimes i find myself dont even turn on my computer at home for few days except weekend.last thursday i was done with management exam part 2,and last week friday i had sat for management exam part 1.well this coming monday another management exam part 3 will take placeShocked.there will be examS in the coming weeks too.i never thought my new job will require a lot of trainings and exams within 2 months before i can start the real job environment only on the 3rd month.however the salary is still paid as usual..i love and enjoy to attend trainings but i hate all exams tht are necessary to take right after we finished every module of the training!!! well i have decided to contribute my service to the main telecommunication government linked organisation,so i cant look back of watever decision i had made.im not 'too' interested to join at first but thinking of the long term opportunity of career growth and government benefits, i just tender my resignation letter end of last month.i extremely feel regret tht i didnt joined this organisation since the past 5-6 years ago coz i had already given the chance tht time but i ignore it.most of my MMU friends accepted the offer tht time.im not surprised tht the top senior management team who gave trainings are same age as me lolBig Smile.well with TM u can climb the position ladder so fast even within 1-2 years..anyway life must go on.im blessed to be guided by God Al-Mighty to take this decision last month.despite of the shift working hours for 1 year, i dont mind though as currently im not married or attached exclusively with anybody.by the way i'll be based at technical and quality assurance department for this product.among all those work i had experienced before,i believe this career is the one for me, Inshaallah..plus my family are so happy too so i guess tht what matter the most..tomorrow i'll move to my new room at PV5 condo but until now i havent do any packing yet.anyway there is another 1 medium room with aircond available in tht house.house is fully furnished with 2 fridges,sofa,washing machine,water heater,very clean toilet and astro.Mcd and mini Carefour are just 5 mins by walking..the master room housemates are 1 married foreign master students from UIA.they are open minded,flexible and have 1 daughter.they are rarely at home coz busy at uni and the baby is send to nursery so usually the house is empty during day.if anybody interested just pm me ok.first come first served.

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Sunday, November 28, 2010
..:: Home Alone ::..

   Just done with household chores which are a lot! cleaned up the living room,kitchen,my room and washed the toilet too!! since nobody at home starting yesterday so i had to do everything.my family and my grandmum are having fun at Genting and will be back today evening.i prefer not to go as i have many stuff (work related) to settle plus i dont feel like going.just imagine i was sleeping all alone last nite but no worries coz i used with itSmile i cant wait for my family to come back home,not my grandmum as if she is around,she will be micro managing and mumbling at me lol.my printer is out of ink and there are many documents to print out.it seems like i need go out later and buy it which im totally lazy to go out from my house!!! neways enjoy ur sunday ppl and get ready for the monday blues tomorrow..xoxo

*** watched American Music Award and was astonished by Pink, Train and Usher performance..seriously Taylor Swift's voice is weak in singing liveBig Smile

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Saturday, October 16, 2010
..:: Budget ::..

  As all of us knew abt the latest prime minister budget's speech for 2011 which was presented yesterday, overall the budget is concern abt the welfare of citizens and will impact a positive boost to our economic's growth.from my point of view, the things tht caught my attention the most are the benefit of government servant get from the latest budget such as increment of many types of bonus and 3 months paid maternity leave for those who deliver baby!! beside, the encouragement to buy hybrid car and first-time house buyers will be given stamp duty exemption of 50%! actually there are many other good changes in the budget for 201..my conclusion is, i wish to work at government sector (my option is University Malaya) excitedly..anyway not at this moment,perhaps within 2-3 years from now Inshaallah...in fact every year's budget allocation those government workers are the most lucky compared to private sector worker.i've been reading 2 times of the whole new budget but sadly no financial benefit for private staff! its not fair but thts the reality....in terms of hybrid car,i do like this type of car since long time, at least i can help reducing air pollution and have awareness to care about the environment.as far as i know, there is a gorgeous hybrid car from toyota (own by leornardo d'caprio) in msia market but not sure the selling price though..i've been dreaming to buy it but of course not now for sureTongue.at least its good to posses it so i can save money from wasting for petrol everydayWink

*** My mum is smiling to ears for the new budget!

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Friday, October 15, 2010
..:: Gadget ::..

  Today is my first day training at a well establish 'gadget & tech company' in Kelana Jaya.basically i'll work and liase with product specialist team.hopefully it will be a great+successful team work coz 'my work' performance is based on 'their work' peformance.if they fail to perform it will absolutely effect me as well! u must be confused of my explaination right,hehe.well its better not to exposed every details abt it coz some matter is better keep as confidential as it is..overall the management is flexible and easy to make friends with seniors as they are friendly and helpful. ok,i dont want to be too excited but just hope i can adapt with the working environment and excel with flying colours..Amin

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Monday, October 04, 2010
..:: Reality ::..

Problems appear and fade away like algebra class but the lessons you learn will last a lifetime!

If someone truly loves you, cares about you, do appreciate him/her and love him/her because not everyone is lucky like you.Be thankful..

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010
..:: Eid Mubarak 2010 ::..

  I know its already too late to wish u guys happy hari raya! well we are still in Syawal month so i hope it is still acceptableBig Smile. the very less updates from me here didnt mean i stop blogging and forgot abt my lovely 8 years blog,but honestly i was too busy with many stuffs and had been through some career issues lately.i guess many of you who are part of my facebook knew abt the stories from my wall and aware who is my boss and which royal family i had worked for.Thank God i managed to free myself after 3 attempts (3 resign letters), dealt with it professionally and learnt 'good' lesson from it.yes money cant buy true love and i will never ever compromised to do something beyong my life principle in order to climb the corporate ladder in short cut and express way! Allah's rezeki is every where and if we really ikhlas want to go far in our career with full of honesty,dignity and morality God will make it easy for us Inshaallah..next time i need to becareful+alert not to be greedy of the high salary and too innocent tht at the end caused me in misery! oh btw I saw my position had already advertised in Jobstreet and u ppl try searching for my previous company's name tht i worked for(pm or email me to know the full name) but ladies PLS becareful not to be influenced by the high salary offer stated in tht job advertisement coz u'll never know the 'heaven' u'll face unless u have no dignity,materialistic and intelligent super cheap ladySmile 

  Last friday my x-high school friends(5 of them) invited me to Perhentian Island but sadly i was not able to join them coz their last minutes invitation which was 2 days before the actually vacation date! today i saw they uploaded their vacation pics (including underwater pics+videos),experiences with baby shark,nemo,corals and snorkerling activities.omg made me jealous to my bone BUT its ok as Lyn told me she will inform abt their future vacations at least 1 month early next time.plus she works at the travel agency so if any of u wanna plan for travel or island exploration with discounted price's package u can contact her..

   Since it is 1 week to go before Syawal month ends, there will still be many active open houses (friends and relatives) tht me and my family need to attend.yeah all the foods are mouthwatering and delicious but be extra careful of the foods' cleanliness coz those yummy foods from last week open house irritated my stomach! anyway have a blast and meaningful Syawal ppl..Hugs xoxo

*** Thanks to all my close friends and loves one from deep of my heart for all those advises and supports during my previous suffering career moment.God bless u all...

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Monday, September 20, 2010
..:: Genius Vs Kindness ::..

To be kind is more important than to be genius. Sometimes, what a person needs isn't a brilliant mind that speaks but a good heart that listens...

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